HealthRHYTHMS® is a protocol-based, evidence-backed method of recreational music-making that connects body, mind and spirit. It is used for stress relief, creativity combustion, team building, social support, and much more!

I provide theme-based drum circles for your group or business in the Houston and Galveston areas! The event can be tailored to specific objectives, depending on the group.

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A specific theme can be created depending on the objectives of your group. These are ones I use frequently.

Communicating with the Body
Our body is the vehicle for our Spirit in this lifetime. When we know how to communicate with it effectively, the journey can be so much easier. This drum circle includes some easy and fun ways to do so.

Communicating with Each Other
Lack of effective communication is one of the main reasons relationships break down. This drum circle includes percussion games that enhance communication awareness.

Conscious Creation
As Conscious Creators, we know that we create our life experience by what we focus on. In this drum circle, we focus our energy on the physical manifestation of our desires.

What better way to play with creativity than to create cool combinations of sound using drums and other percussion instruments! Open up your creativity as you have fun playing in new realms.

Empowering Women
Reclaim your power and find your voice as we play with patterns of empowerment.

Financial Prosperity
We make money welcome by celebrating this symbol of choice and freedom in our lives. Experience games and affirmations that draw money to you!

Ah, the energy that fuels all manifestation! We will feel and express gratitude in multiple ways and share that energy with each other, increasing its power exponentially!

Happy, Healthy Body
Our magnificent bodies reflect our thoughts and beliefs. Sometimes that can show up as pain or dis-ease. In this drum circle we affirm and celebrate our bodies as happy and healthy!
Infinite Possibilities
Thoughts become things. Our beliefs and thoughts create our life experiences. We will increase our awareness of this truth and discover ways to change our thoughts to create a more pleasing experience.

Thriving Relationships
Dating, married, family, or friends--relationships are the spice of life! This drum circles focuses on the three pillars of thriving relationships: self love, communication, and appreciation.

Team Building
Whether it’s work teams or sports teams, working together is crucial to success. This drum circle uses recreational music making to build awareness of teamwork.

Drumming is accessible, expressive, physical, communicative, and bonding. Group drumming promotes health, as rhythm is essential for  function including immunity, metabolism, and mental health.

Think about it--you spent your first 9 months imprinted with the rhythm of your mother’s heart beat, and now you are a walking rhythm machine! Your heartbeat, breathing, walking--virtually every bodily function--has a rhythm. Drumming let’s you consciously get in touch with that rhythm again.

Benefits of Group Drumming using the HealthRHYTHMS® protocol

  • It opens your ability to hear and recognize the truth of your inner voice and connect with your innate rhythm.

  • As the oldest form of culture expression and a universal language, group drumming crosses all barriers--cultural, educational, organizational, etc.

  • This relaxed form of self-expression generates creativity and increases morale, productivity and team work.  

  • Humans have a need to bond, to come together for a common purpose. A drum circle emphasizes this cooperative connection.

  • Anyone can easily and enjoyably participate and experience a sense of wholeness and inner balance.

  • It has been proven to increase employee retention and maintain a healthier workforce, as well as alleviating staff burnout and building camaraderie.

  • The many benefits of guided imagery, which is part of the HealthRHYTHMS® 10-step protocol, has been well researched and documented.

  • As an accessible, affordable, and sustainable strategy, it can easily be customized to the targeted objectives of your group.

HealthRHYTHMS® rhythm-based experiences are available in three formats depending on your requirements, and generally accommodate from 8 to 30 people:

  • 60-90 minute session

  • 6 or 12 weekly sessions based on a theme

You provide the location and the chairs (set up in a circle) and I provide the instruments and the facilitation.

The HealthRHYTHMS® experience is excellent for:

  • Relationship groups (singles, couples, families)

  • Business groups and company team building

  • Wellness groups

  • Support groups (Veterans, weight loss, divorce, grief, etc.)

  • Health care professionals and first responders (doctors, dentists, nurses, psychiatrists, social workers, long term care workers, police officers, fire fighters, EMTs, etc.)

  • School groups (home school, Montessori, private, public)

  • Sports teams (rhythm and team work are fundamental to sports!)

  • Spiritual groups (yoga studios, metaphysical groups, progressive churches)

Contact me today ( to discuss your group. No musical or drumming experience required!

See Research articles at the sponsor of HealthRHYTHMS®, as well as Effects of Group Drumming Interventions on Anxiety, Depression, Social Resilience and Inflammatory Immune Response among Mental Health Service User.


HealthRHYTHMS® Group Empowerment Drumming

Group drumming promotes creativity, well-being,  fun, stress relief, and connection !

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