Your facilitator, Sara Blumenfeld

I have been embracing my own rhythm all my life, and the opportunity to share this amazing methods of empowerment with others has me doing a happy dance!

From life coaching to energy healing to drum circles, my mission is to help you see more expansive possibilities for your life. You can read more here.

I am located in the Clear Lake area (southeast Houston) and do events all over the Houston area.

Frequently  Asked Questions

What is the HealthRHYTHMS®  "protocol"?

The protocol is a 10-step process that provides the framework for the event. It starts with a brief introduction of the program, including whatever theme you have selected for the drum circle. This is followed by a short wellness exercise, such as slow deep breathing, to get people settled and focused. Next is a fun ice breaker to get everyone laughing. Step 4 is a brief explanation of the instruments and very basic instruction on how to play them. Next is a short exercise to establish the drum as a tool for communication. This is followed by the three longest and most important sections: building entrainment (group drumming simple patterns for 5-10 minutes at a time), using the drum as a way to express feelings (example: What does it sound like when you are overburdened with responsibility? Show me on your drum.), and guided imagery. These three sections will be tailored to the theme you selected for your group. This is followed by another short wellness exercise and a few moments of sharing the experience around the circle.

What is the ideal size group?

For the type of circle I do, I prefer 8-25. If you have a different size group, let's talk about possibilities.

How loud is it?

Well, it is drums, after all!  That said, most of my drums are from Remo and have their unique Comfort Sound Technology, which softens the sound.

Do my group members need to have rhythm or musical ability?

No. The drum patterns will be simple and any one can learn them quickly. For those who would rather use something other than a drum, we have plenty of rhythm instruments like shakers.

Is the drum circle a one-time event?

Ideally, it is a repeating event--once a week, every two weeks, or once a month. The theme for each can be different and it also works well if you have a multi-step learning you want to convey (the six steps to more productivity at work, for example, would involve one drum session for each step). If you want me to create a multi-step learning for your group, I can do that too.

What types of groups benefit from a HealthRHYTHMS® drum circle?

Wellness groups: In businesses, it has been proven to reduce stress and increase employee creativity and retention. It may even lower group health insurance premiums! Also, it's great for any medical environment interested in promoting wellness and support for their patients and families of their patients.

Business groups: Besides wellness, this is also great for team building, diversity training, and to foster more connection and creativity.

Support groups: Veteran's groups, divorce groups, grief groups, weight loss groups--any group that gets together to support each other will benefit from this new way of connecting and communicating, using the drum. This type of group, especially, may have difficulty expressing feelings, but can gain relief by expressing it on the drum and being heard, without the need to assign words to the feeling.

Relationship groups (singles, couples, or families): The drum circle provides a unique and fun way for singles to connect, and for couples and families to reconnect.

Sports teams (such as Little League): HealthRHYTHMS®  drum circles have been proven to help teams play their sport more effectively together after they drum together.

School groups (middle school to high school age): Children in school often feel pressured and disconnected. The HealthRHYTHMS® drum circle can be built around themes such as bullying, test anxiety, and peer pressure.

Health professionals and first responders: Talk about high stress!! People in these types of positions are under tremendous pressure and are often not allowed to show it. A HealthRHYTHMS® drum circle can literally be a life saver!

Spiritual groups (yoga studios, metaphysical groups, progressive churches): These types of groups usually already have a strong belief in the power of drums and vibration to create positive change.

I'M IN!  What is my next step?

Visit the Contact page and connect with me or email drum circle at drumming together dot com. Let's create something awesome for your group!