We were so very blessed and honored to be able host Sara with Drumming Together at our "High Vibrational" drumming event that she created and led. Her commitment, intuitiveness and graceful guidance spoke to each of our hearts.  This is something that the beginner to the advanced drummer would enjoy and I feel each would learn something new. It was such a magical and freeing experience that left us all with laughter, smiles and hearts open wide. We are truly grateful Sara, and can't wait to co-create with you again soon! 
Much love, Angela and the Herd, 16 Hands of Love

After the last drum circle I had to do a previously-scheduled MRI. In the past, being in that tube would really bother me. But this time, once the machine started, I was able to pick up a beat from the sounds of the machine, and I started "drumming" in my mind. When the machine would shift sound, I would pick up a new beat. I happily did that for 2 1/2 hours! It helped me so much! I am so thankful I came to that first drum circle! --Dixie

Thank you for a wonderful evening in meditation. When I returned home I noticed this bundle of energy just swirling around my face. It hit me deep. --Bonnie P.

Too cool event supporting 16 hands rescue effort. Loved meeting people and animals so much! Ask someone who attended about the rainbows and colored scarfs! Awesome ! Thank you, I needed that! --Diane S.

I most enjoyed the guided meditation and manifestation. I was surprised by the emotion I felt when I drummed the emotion of my issue. It was great. Thank you. --Diane C.

I loved watching everyone receive love and support from the group. I was surprised how relaxed I was after. You do great work and I'm glad you are in the Houston area. --Alicia D.

The entire circle was magical. I want more of the steel drum! --Brenda R.

I love the idea of changing constricted energy by disrupting it with energetic drumming! I'm now calmer and more centered and happier than when I started! Thank you! --Jane F.

I especially enjoyed the meditative state while drumming and the guided meditation speaking to my guardian angel. I was surprised that I heard my guardian angel speak to me! It was perfect!  --Nicole A.

Very well organized. The flow went smoothly and the experience allowed for centering and release. Highly recommended. --Irina J.

I enjoyed letting myself go with the beat. I was surprised how quiet I felt inside after. Loved it! Thank you!  --Laura Lee K.

Heart opening experience. Feeling broken wide open! Deep profound gratitude. --Barbara B.

What a blessing to be a part of this drum circle! I am clear minded and energized! Amazing! --Dixie E.

Amazing experience!! Open up your senses and bring such gratitude feeling. --Silvia S.

The creativity drumming circle was fun and stimulating and everything I'd hoped a group drumming experience would be. --Donna N.

This was my first experience drumming. It was very relaxing and fun, and I reconnected with a piece of myself that I was previously unaware of. Thank you. --Jonnie M.

I came in without expectations and was brought to tears as I experienced immense unity and support among strangers. This has been the most heart opening experience I've had in a long time. --Kira E.

We walked in to the drum circle as individuals but we left as a group. What a relief to release my passion! -- Justice B.

I felt like I was totally supported and received healing from the drum circle.  --Valerie I.

Thank you for providing the full range of spiritual experience as part of the drumming circle. You do a superb job of communicating. --Pauline H.

Great sense of unity and cohesion.  --Larry A.

Sara Was wonderful. I was really nervous because I don't feel like I have rhythm, but she's such a fantastic teacher. It was fun and easy and I can't wait to do this again!  --Julie C.

What a great way to wrap up a tough week. Drumming with a room full of strangers evolved into a great intimate expression of joy. --Patrick C.

So powerful and moving. Dead on for what I wanted to experience in a healing drumming. Sara's intuitiveness and divine knowledge beautifully flows into her drumming teachings. Thank you, Sara, for following your heart and offering this to our world.  --Angela H.

This was a stress-relieving experience and I felt connected to my emotions and am leaving feeling better. Sometimes it was hard to find a beat to express my emotion, but Sara was patient and encouraging.  --Rebecca K.

This was my first drum circle. It was a liberating feeling. The energy was buzzing in the space. I will definitely attend more drum circles. --Lacie W.

I instantly felt a sense of community and after, I felt 10 pounds lighter. --Chelsea W.

It was lovely to play with the drums again and feel rhythm flowing through my veins. It was liberating! --Jumana P.

I had a fun time. --Pete G.

It was fun! Felt free! Exciting! Loved the group experience--non-judgmental, team playing, got a sense of unity. --Michelle S.

This was a fun way to release specific personal issues in a supportive group.  --Lisa P.

Great experience! Very freeing and fun. I would definitely recommend this to anyone to try. --Said J.

The drum circle was amazing! It allowed me to reach buried emotion, release it, and then celebrate the excitement of creating something new in my life, all the while supported by my fellow drummers.  --Catherine H.

It was a powerful experience! It helped me be more aware of my true feelings and empowered me to take action! --Maria M.

Sara is a wonderful facilitator, achieving a group consciousness rarely seen in drum circles. --Diane S.

I would highly recommend Sara for an event. She has a natural ability to evoke a sense of calm and peace. After my experience, I was able to really feel that I am not alone. I am supported and loved, and all is okay. What a wonderful experience! --Valerie I.

The heartbeat rhythm left me feeling connected to life, more relaxed, and at ease. Love it! --Roxanne P.

I was unsure what to expect but was open to receive from the group. The drumming was so meditative and I felt rejuvinated at the end. Thank you for the forgiveness chant--I needed to forgive myself. --Amanda J.

The drum circle creates an indescribable energy that lifts you up and allows you to get to know yourself. --Riley B.

My drum circle experience was very eye opening, helping to release some emotions and to connect with every part of my body. Connecting with the energy of others drumming put me in a sense of peace. --Tiffany W.

Amazing healing experience; heart energy open wide. --Georgie H.

Wonderful! What a wonderful way to connect heart with others!  --Jill C.

I arrived late a little rushed, but as I leave I feel a sense of peach and deep connection with all, even though I only knew two people in the group. --LeeAnn V.

I felt very resistant in the beginning, only to feel my body and spirit giving itself over to a feeling of peace and calm. --Ann R.

Sara is an excellent facilitator. Her unconditional love for her participants is obvious. Very enjoyable experience. I will recommend to friend and family. Lovely meeting so many different kinds of people. --Deborah B.

At first I was skeptical, but I really got into "the zone" and enjoyed it. It's very relaxing and fun. --Amanda V.

Very nicely put together. Thanks for sharing your healing gifts! --Lynn C.

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